A whiter smile can take years off of your appearance and help you smile with confidence. If you have teeth that have become stained or dingy over time, trust Pristine Dental for the best in professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening continues to top the list of popular cosmetic dental treatments. It is one of the simplest and most cost-effective procedures that can still produce dramatic improvements. Dr. Noh is an experienced dentist who is committed to offering the latest treatments in cosmetic dentistry. Rest assured that our professional teeth whitening methods are safe, comfortable and highly effective for complete patient satisfaction.

Teeth can appear dull or become yellow due to a variety of factors, including staining foods and drinks, a smoking habit, a medication you are taking or the natural aging process. There is both intrinsic and extrinsic tooth staining. Dr. Noh can accurately determine your specific type of tooth discoloration and offer the most effective treatment solution. At Pristine Dental, we adhere to patient-centered care with respect to your comfort, time and budget.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are endless options in over-the-counter teeth whitening methods. While you may see temporary and slight improvements with store-bought products, the extra investment in professional whitening from your dentist offers remarkable advantages. At Pristine Dental, you can be confident that our teeth whitening treatments use safe materials that protect the health of your teeth and gums while giving you the most dramatic results. Using medical-grade teeth whitening products and the latest technology advancements can help you brighten your smile by multiple shades in much less time.  Our in-office treatments typically last about an hour and produce instant results. However, if you prefer the convenience of a take-home whitening system, we will gladly fit you for custom trays and give you instructions for proper use.

To learn what you can expect from professional teeth whitening at Pristine Dental, please contact us today. We are happy to tell you more about the specific whitening products we use and help you determine if they will benefit your specific staining concerns. Regardless of whether you choose teeth whitening or porcelain veneers to enhance your smile, we will do everything we can to make your experience convenient and rewarding.