At Pristine Dental, we consider it our job to help you protect and preserve your natural teeth. However, there are situations when a tooth extraction is necessary. Dr. Noh is an esteemed dentist who uses a gentle and skilled approach in general dentistry. We treat patients of all ages in a comfortable, rewarding environment. You will find that we will make every effort to ensure your tooth extraction experience is painless, efficient and positive. To accomplish this, our practice utilizes the latest dental technology, sedation dentistry methods and the attentive care of a qualified dental team.

During your tooth extraction, Dr. Noh will use methods to preserve surrounding bone and tissue as much as possible. If tooth removal is recommended, it is for the benefit of your overall dental health and to prevent more serious problems. A tooth extraction is considered in the following circumstances:

  • Severe decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Infection
  • Orthodontic correction
  • Fractured teeth or damaged roots
  • Impacted teeth (wisdom teeth)

Regardless of the reason for your tooth extraction, our practice will treat you with personalized and compassionate care throughout your visit. We will also carefully explain your post-op instructions to facilitate faster and better healing at home. For patients who need tooth replacement, Pristine Dental is known for our excellence in implants dentistry, top quality crowns and dentures. We are confident that we can restore your smile to long-lasting function and natural beauty.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is very common. Your wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to emerge. Unfortunately, they do not offer significant functional benefits and they are known for causing more harm than good. At Pristine Dental, we can eliminate the pain and dental health consequences of impacted wisdom teeth. While not everyone will experience problematic wisdom teeth, they can cause misalignment issues, pain, jaw cysts, gum infections and even bone loss due to the improper way they erupt. You can trust that your wisdom teeth removal procedure will be carried out with your comfort in mind. We use sedation dentistry and precision techniques to minimize your pain both during and after your appointment.

As with all of our dental services, we do our best to give Walpole patients the highest standard of care at the most affordable rate. Our practice accepts dental insurance and we offer flexible payment plans for those that need it. At Pristine Dental, we welcome the opportunity to care for your smile through all stages of life. To learn more about tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal, please contact our dental practice today.