At Pristine Dental, we are proud to be able take care of all aspects of your smile. Our Walpole practice offers complete family dental care, including orthodontics for adults and teens. Dr. Noh is qualified and experienced when it comes to correcting teeth that are crooked, gapped and crowded. We understand the specific drawbacks that patients have when facing traditional braces treatments. To address your concerns, we are pleased to offer the most revolutionary orthodontic methods available. We want to give you a smile that you are proud to show off without enduring the lengthy and uncomfortable time in metal braces.

A straighter smile can benefit you both cosmetically and functionally. Crooked or overlapping teeth can make it more difficult to keep your smile clean, which can compromise your oral health in many ways. We offer the most effective orthodontic treatment options to give you an aligned, balanced and confident smile for years to come. It is never too late to straighten your teeth.

Convenient, Smile Straightening Solutions

What if you could correct your crooked smile without wearing unsightly brackets and wires? At Pristine Dental, you can. Our methods are preferred among adults and teens because they are faster, more discreet and highly convenient. You can trust Dr. Noh to for effective smile correction using the following in clear orthodontics:

To learn more about our advanced orthodontics at Pristine Dental, please contact us today. Our practice is equipped to successfully address your smile concerns with your comfort and convenience in mind. To accommodate your budget needs while undergoing orthodontic treatment, we offer flexible payment options and accept most dental insurance plans.