Dental Warranty

When patients elect to have cosmetic dental treatments, they are making a major investment in their smile. When it comes to a tooth veneer or dental implant, these cosmetic restorations have proven to last for many years. Yet, in the event that they become damaged, the hefty cost of repairs falls on the patient. This is why Dr. Noh at Pristine Dental provides patients with the added security of a Dental Warranty.

While Dental Warranty is not insurance, it is the highest standard of peace of mind available in dentistry today, providing protection for patients receiving cosmetic and restorative procedures. Without a doubt, this is win-win for patients, with a lifetime of smile protection.

If you are a patient and your newly restored tooth becomes chipped, for instance, you may return to your dentist for complete services, up to the allowed amount stated on your Dental Warranty. You will not be required to fill out a claim form. Your only responsibility is to remain up to date with regular dental checkups and practice good oral hygiene. To better understand the types of coverage included in the Dental Warranty, consider the following:

  • No Fault Coverage: no matter how the restoration is damaged, or where the patient lives, any repairs or replacements will be covered.
  • No Cost Repair: the dental warranty covers repairs and replacements valued up to the cost of the original restoration.
  • Follow Their Smile: if a patient has moved, they will be referred to a Dental Warranty dentist that is closest to them for repairs.
  • Constant Assurance: if the dentist performing the original restoration retires or is no longer practicing, the patient's dental repairs will still be covered.

With a proven history of delivering high quality dental care in Walpole, Pristine Dental is proud to offer patients an even higher standard of care with Dental Warranty. While Dr. Noh stands behind his work, he believes that patients deserve added protection to safeguard their new smile. You can feel at ease with the benefits of Dental Warranty at Pristine Dental, with a guarantee of long-term success for your restoration. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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