Dental Implants

Dental Implants

When choosing Pristine Dental for dental implants, you can remain here for the entire process. Dr. Noh is a skilled implants dentist who is qualified to surgically place your dental implants, as well as provide the final custom restoration on top of your implant. When it comes to your new smile, you can be confident that you will receive consistent patient-centered care from beginning to end. We want your dental implants to retain high function and beautiful aesthetics for many years to come.

You may elect to use dental implants to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Implants dentistry is a revolutionary restorative dental procedure that involves the replacement of both your tooth root and tooth. The implant includes titanium surgical post that is permanently secured into the jawbone. This acts as your artificial tooth root, which helps stimulate your jawbone and prevent bone loss and also provides the most secure and comfortable fit for your new teeth. Once the implant heals and fuses to the bone, an implant restoration must be placed on top. At Pristine Dental, we offer the highest quality dental restorations available, including porcelain crowns, bridges or dentures. Your implant restoration choice will depend on your specific preferences and individual smile needs. Dr. Noh carries the artistry and precision it takes to customize your restoration so that it functions, feels and looks most like your natural tooth. Our patients have received exceptional results with dental implants.

Implant Repairs

Although dental implants are known for their excellent success rate, it is still possible for damage or failure to occur. This can happen immediately or after several years of use. Regardless, our dental professionals are equipped to repair your dental implants and restore your smile in the timely manner you need. Just like our restorative services for natural teeth, we value the importance of providing comfortable and convenient care during your implant repairs. We will listen carefully to your concerns and recommend the most effective treatment plan to protect your smile investment.

There are a variety of factors that can influence the success and function of a dental implant. Some reasons may be out of your control, while others may be damage caused by bad habits. We offer implant repairs for patients who have a failing dental implants from bone loss, improper prosthetic loading, and occlusal trauma (grinding or clenching). Dr. Noh can handle implant repairs ranging from minor adjustments to surgical revision and everything in between. To prevent future damage, we educate our patients on the proper way to care for dental implants so that they can enjoy a strong, healthy smile for a lifetime.

To learn about our dental implant restorations or to schedule an implant repair, please contact Pristine Dental today. Replacing your teeth can be a positive and rewarding experience from beginning to end.

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