Root Canals

Root Canals

You only get one set of permanent teeth during your lifetime, so taking proper care of them is essential. Many people do not know that teeth are actually living features of the human body, therefore they are surprised at how easily they can become infected and damaged. Inside every tooth is its own root supply and lifeline. While the inner layers of the teeth are encased by tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the body, they are not invincible. Cavities, decay, infection, and trauma can all lead to a tooth dying and becoming incredibly painful. Root canals are often done in order to save the teeth so that they can remain in the mouth.

Many people have a fear of root canals, yet they should not. Root canals are not painful – damaged teeth are painful! An infected or damaged tooth is extremely painful because when damage or infection reaches the inner layer of the teeth, the sensitive nerves will be affected. Damaged teeth that are left untreated will become unbearably painful, and the damage will become so severe that the teeth cannot be saved.

Root canals are relatively common procedures done throughout the United States on a daily basis. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia to ensure that patients’ comfort is a priority. Once the damaged tooth has been numbed, root canals follow four simple steps:

  1. The damaged tooth is fully opened.
  2. Any infection or damage is removed from inside the tooth. The roots of the tooth will also be removed.
  3. Antibiotics will be administered to the tooth to prevent any infection from spreading to neighboring teeth or the gum line.
  4. The tooth will be completely filled and then sealed in order to protect it from further damage.

At Pristine Dental, Dr. Donghyun Noh, DMD, and his entire staff are committed to providing the highest standard in dentistry. Any type of tooth pain or discomfort should be brought to your dentist’s attention quickly to provide proper intervention at the most opportune time. Putting off dental treatment will only lead to more invasive dental work and more severe pain. Contact Pristine Dental today with all your dental concerns. We want to alleviate your pain and promote optimal oral health.

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