Dealing With Bad Breath

Dealing With Bad Breath

Everyone suffers from occasional bad breath. A particularly pungent meal, drainage from a cold, and hormonal changes can all affect your breath. However, if you face more regularly occurring bad breath that is affecting your personal and/or professional life, it is time to seek proper advice from your dentist. Most cases of bad breath can be greatly improved through simple changes in lifestyle and daily habits.

Tips for dealing with bad breath:

  • Practice good oral hygiene. Your oral hygiene practices go a long way in how your breath smells. Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria on any given day, and these bacteria produce acids inside the mouth. If you are not flossing daily and brushing your teeth at least twice a day, these bacteria are taking up permanent residence inside your mouth and causing foul odors. The best way to consistently ward off bad breath is by taking proper care of your oral health.
  • Stop all tobacco use. If you smoke, chew tobacco, or occasionally indulge in any type of tobacco product – you need to stop. Tobacco itself has a strong odor, and combined with the damage that it causes inside your mouth, it leaves behind a very strong odor – and a very unhealthy mouth.
  • Avoid odorous foods and beverages. Onions, garlic, coffee, wine, alcohol, and cheeses are notorious for leaving behind a stinky scent long after they have been consumed. Odorous foods leave a residue behind inside the mouth that can linger for hours, and every time you exhale you are spewing those odors into the air around you. Avoiding these culprits is the best way to prevent them from causing bad breath. Of course, that is not always the most desired solution! Brushing and using a mouthwash after you consume an odorous food or beverage can help mask the smell.
  • Stay hydrated. A dry mouth is a stinky mouth. When the mouth is dry, it causes the bacteria inside your mouth to begin to die. Therefore, a dry mouth has the smell of decay. Proper hydration can help conquer bad breath when implemented with the other tips.
  • Visit your dentist often. Your dentist is your greatest advocate for your oral health. If you suffer from frequent bad breath, your dentist can help you find a solution. Often, a proper dental cleaning can help eliminate many of the causes of bad breath.

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