Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest, and definitely the most popular, cosmetic dental procedure requested in the United States. It seems that just about everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile. White teeth are associated with health, youth, and beauty – all of which we all want to hold on to as long as possible. Over the counter teeth whitening products have brought in billions of dollars to their creators since their introduction over two decades ago. However, these over the counter treatments do not offer the same results that a professional teeth whitening procedure can achieve. At Pristine Dental Care we are proud to offer safe and effective teeth whitening for our patients who wish to boost their confidence and appearance. Our professional teeth whitening system is specifically designed to give patients the bright white smile that they desire.

Tooth discoloration is caused by a large number of factors. Foods and beverages that we eat are often the most common culprits; however, age, heredity, medications, oral hygiene, and tobacco usage can all contribute to the yellowing or staining of the teeth. At Pristine Dental Care we offer professional teeth whitening services that allow you to whiten your teeth multiple shades in very little time. Our teeth whitening treatments are personalized to each patient in order to ensure the correct amount of whitening to bring forth your most beautiful smile.

If you are interested in revealing your most beautiful smile, please contact Pristine Dental Care today to learn more about our teeth whitening services or to schedule an appointment. Whether you are a bride who is getting ready for her big day, a professional who wants to make the best impression at work, a socialite who hopes to draw in a crowd, or you just want to feel more confident in your own smile – Pristine Dental Care is here to help you find your whitest smile. Our comprehensive dental practice is proud to serve patients of all ages, and we welcome you into our dental family.

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