Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth get their name due to the fact that they come in during the years where young adults are said to be gaining wisdom to start out in life on their own. These third molars usually erupt between the ages of 15-25, years after the other teeth have been established. While not everyone develops wisdom teeth, most people do – and most people do not have room for them. The typical mouth is designed to hold 28 teeth, and these extra four molars cause frequent problems and oral health concerns. For those who do not have the space needed for the wisdom teeth, the issues that they can cause include:

  • Infected gums and/or periodontal disease in the back of the mouth
  • Over-crowding of the teeth that causes misalignment
  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Bad breath
  • Bone and root damage

X-ray technology is used to determine the existence and placement of the wisdom teeth in a person’s mouth. Those who develop wisdom teeth will be advised of an appropriate course of action in order to prevent significant issues within the mouth. Dentists worldwide agree that wisdom teeth removal is best done as a preventative measure to protect the mouth and the established teeth.

When the wisdom teeth try to erupt inside a mouth that does not have room for them, they put a great deal of pressure on the adjacent teeth in the back of the mouth. Not only is infection a great concern, but this pressure in the back of the mouth will cause the teeth to begin to shift out of position. This can present problems for anyone, yet for those who have already undergone successful orthodontic treatment, this is especially concerning. Impacted wisdom teeth, or even wisdom teeth that come in at the perfect angle, that do not have the room they need can wreak havoc on the alignment of the teeth. Wisdom teeth removal done while their roots are still forming can prevent damage from occurring.

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